Karlijn van Diepen was born in Zeist, The Netherlands in 1977. She originally holds a Bachelor in Journalism and has 17 years of experience in television for a wide variety of programmes working as a researcher, director, editor and video camera operator. Filming often required combining all of these roles to be conducted solo or as a small team on location around the world to include Ireland, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and the USA. In 2018, she deepened her knowledge of viewing through the lens by adding a second Bachelor’s degree in Photography.

 A box of roses, a tree and a plastic chair

photo Justina Nekrašaitė

photo Justina Nekrašaitė

‘This is the first book in a series where I follow my own protocol, my method. I give myself an area to wander. I limit myself to a specific district to challenge myself to see new things. Through photography I I examen a space, this time a neighbourhood and its inhabitants. For me around every corner is a new adventure in unfamiliar terrain. This is my beach to comb where my metal detector clicks. This could be anywhere in the world, but for A box of roses, a tree and a plastic chair it is close to home, de Bijlmermeer. It doesn’t matter where it is exactly. I can get lost in the covert paradises found in this backyard. It’s right there, if you look.

While strolling - I get carried away by glances, fleeting encounters, or the attraction of dark tunnels. Always there’s the hint of a story.

Within the borders I have drawn, the ‘exotic’ is just a notion of everyday life and you can see the traces of it everywhere. I also know what it’s like to come from somewhere else and recognise the homesickness and melancholy it can bring. This is what I try to capture in my photos.

My research initially centred around architect and urban planner of the Bijlmermeer, Siegfried Nassuth. His design of this neighbourhood was intended to recreate his childhood feelings of freedom. Nassuth had a happy upbringing in the Dutch East Indies that filled his memories with colourful tropical imagery. He dreamed through design a futuristic suburb in Amsterdam where it’s inhabitants would combine the feeling of freedom with the unity of a collective. We now know the aspiration that was Bijlmermeer would be caught by reality. Crime and drug problems tarnished the image of the once grand ideal. Could the incorporation of the design into reality then be considered a success?

This knowledge of the planner’s initial intent inspired my beginning an investigation to discover what was left of the Nassuth ideal.

I like to walk the line between documentary and emotional photography. I tell a visual story based in personal experiences. I try to not focus on traditional imagery but to show the viewer a new and different perspective with room for their own thought, perhaps like my own. Often I was pulled back in time into personal memories of lived adventures.

The result of my visual investigation is A box of roses, a tree and a plastic chair- a close by home series with many worlds.’



2019   up coming exhibition Van Eesteren Museum

2019   up coming exhibition Amsterdam West

2019   exhibition Rotterdam Photo City Limits

2018 publication De monsterkamer.nl

2018    graduation Fotoacademie Amsterdam

2018    group exhibition FRANK, Pastorie Diemen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017    publication New Dutch Photography Talent 2018

2017    group exhibition New Dutch Photography Talent 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photography and videos

Unicef, Eenzame uitvaarten, Humanitas, Raidió Teilifís Éireann (Ireland), KRO, NCVR, BNN, VARA

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